Monday, September 28, 2009

The Worlds Best Cat Litter...Update!!!

Well, it's been over one month since we started using The Worlds Best Cat Litter. I wanted to give it at least this long 'cause you know how kitties are: First couple of days it's the best thing since sliced fish, can't pay them in enough cat nip to use something, play with something, eat some fancy expensive food (yea, the organic cat food from Krogers at 99 cents a can, you would think I poured vegamite over it *sigh* Nice cans though and the neighbor's cat Loved It).

Here's the results for the month...>nine out of ten cats in this house Love The Worlds Best Cat Litter. Hoooray! We like it too, what a relief to get away from so much dust, even the best litter is dusty, but boy howdy not this litter.

We have a deaf kitty who is very shy, goes by the name Mr. Breezie, though she is a she. Due to a number of reasons, all of them her's, we have a custom made litter box in on corner of our living room. By custom made I mean we made it from a nice big Rubber Maid storage box, which came with a lid. We cut a hole in one end and it's perfect and she loves it. Pop the lid on it and I love it cause I cover it with an old Piratey looking blanket so it matches our Pirate Corner decor. You can't tell what it is...and with The Worlds Best Cat Litter no one will Smell what it is, and Whooopeee! no more dust on the Pirate Booty!

So you're thinking, "Yea you aren't gonna tell us about that 'tenth' cat are you?" Yes I am VBG The tenth of ten did have an issue, a slight issue at first with The Worlds Best Cat Litter. Our fault really, we know we know we know you should always introduce new litter and new food slowly. However, we didn't because we are a mulit-cat household and a multi-box household. We started with two out of six boxes...>remember we make our own litter boxes and each one equals at Least two standard sized boxes, and two are so Large they even equal three standard boxes. And we scoop at least twice a day. So...think of it as 11 litter boxes.

And Hillary, we now know, only uses one of the litter boxes in the house, one of two used as a test box. Hillary, who is a he, and this is a "he" name btw he's named after the Butler in the Tomb Raider movies, Hillary didn't care for it, we don't know why, and we should have introduced it slowly I suppose. Be that as it may, Hillary let us know in no uncertain terms he was opposed to such a sudden change.

One month later he still doesn't care for it, but we have reservered "his" box with the old product and we are still slowly but surely switching him over.

I stand by the product and we will keep using it. Old cats can learn new ways and patience is the key of course. I sincerely hope that anyone who reads this will try it and more so I hope anyone reading this and still won't have a litter box in the house will try The World's Best Cat Litter. You will find it's almost perfect, you can keep kitty inside and avoid any and all outside dangers. And if you think there are none out there, read my old poem..."We Buried Your Cat Today."

I'll update how Hillary is doing very soon!

Blind Cat Rescue...always happy tears...

when I watch the videos, see the pictures of these happy kitties. We have been supporters of Blind Cat Rescue for almost two years and right now they are looking for votes for The Shelter Challenge over at the Animal Rescue Site. Please visit Blind Cat Rescue and you'll also see the button to click. It's a bit confusing once you get to Animal Rescue Site so here is also the direct link to voting:

You'll need to type in Blind Cat Rescue, and select NC as the state. You'll be taken to the voting page then.

Thanks ;0)