Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a deal, and almost free...

I say almost free, that is if you have an internet connection with some speed - dsl or better.

And that deal? Facebook.

Thanks to Facebook I have a dander free pet in Pet Society which I've actually spent $9.95 of Real money to buy "coins" can you read "fake money" to which I have purchased for my Pet, named after my heart cat: Tik Tok: A white potty, a white bathtub, curtains, clothes, a fridge, a tiara, wallpapers galore, and flooring too. Ooo and those Mystery Boxes!! Every day I visit her friends, which now number 32, and each visit earns us 5 coins. She has a lovely pink heart-shaped bar of soap and she must be washed daily, or house flies begin to follow her around. She eats apples and strawberries but cheese cake (at 60 coins a pop) is her favorite.

Next on the time killer list at Facebook: Pirates - Rule The Caribbean!

And my sweet pet dons her eyepatch and becomes Capt Tik Tok, dreaded swashbuckler. With work and patience she now earns over 10000 gold coins An Hour. I should do so well. She owns ships, hidden coves, a Voodoo Hut too. Rifles, and daggers, and two hand grenades, oh and a green parrot. She has a crew of 7 now.

Next...>Fish Wrangler!

I actually donated $1 to buy "Red Love Chum" to use in this months Tuna Tournament, where one can actually win a $20 gift card to Amazon. I teamed up with friends to nighfish so it's sort of Fishing on autopilot as I don't have to be online.

And two days ago I was invited to play Farm Town, and now I have a wee yellow chick following me around my plowed and seeded potato and rice plots.

And you wonder why I haven't been to my blog ;0)

Belong to Facebook and want to be friends? Leave a comment with your email and I'll give you my address there. Then I'll delete your email addy from the comment ;0)