Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 notes about myself..msg

I have a Facebook account now and recently was "tagged" to do 25 notes about myself. Here they are:

The original title was "25 Dizzy Notes About Myself"...>

1. I say dizzy because this afternoon, about 3 pm I become so dizzy I couldn't sit in this chair. After lying down for almost two hours I am still whooozy in the head. I have no idea why. That being said....>

2. I was born, and spent most of my early days in Arizona. I always considered Prescott my home. I spent years trying to figure out a way to make a living in Prescott and move back. Last time I was there it has changed to so very much that the word "home" will never dovetail with the name "Prescott" again.

3. I remember in 1970 when I begged my folks to buy a two story building which included a bakery and gift shop on a main highway in Sedona, AZ. It was less than $100k. and that included the land. My Dad said that "Hell no one would want to live in Sedona who wasn't growin' apples." They never listened to me.

4. My family use to own a ranch on the west side of Phoenix, AZ, about where Sky Harbor Intl Airport now sits.

5. On a ranch in Texas, in 1959, I picked up a rock and asked my Mom: "How did a sea shell get here?"
She said it was during the Great Flood in the Bible. My interest in fossils started that day, though it was years before I knew that sea shell was indeed a fossil.

6. I worked in the oil patch in the late '70s through the mid 80's. Recently an friend from those years found me by "googling" my name and emailing me through one of my web sites. Nice to be remembered ;0) We chat once a week now. 25 years later...and it's just like we never went our separate ways.

7. As you may know, my spelling is not very good. We moved a lot when I was a kid. I went to three different schools in the second grade, and the third grade too. Two different schools for the fourth grade. Every school taught differently, and were at different places in different school books. We moved to Carleton, TX, for six months in '59 (see number 5 above) to help some old friend of my Dad's. I got in trouble in school for not using "a final T" in my beginning cursive lessons = What the hell was a final T?? I finally learned btw. That same teacher accused me of wearing makeup. I was in the second grade. The school was so small it had two grades per room.

8. I hated school except when lived outside of Lebanon, Oregon for a few months. I started the 4th grade in some rural school and I loved the teacher and everything about it. I have always felt that had we have stayed there I might have been able to learn and not be frightened of being behind all the time. We had to move back to AZ, my sister had asthma and couldn't breath most of the time.

9. When I was in the first grade we had drills for the possibility of an atomic bomb being dropped by Russia then known as The Soviet Union. We were taught to "drop and cover" by crawling under our school desks. This was the start of the Cold War. We were even put on buses and taken out into the desert for drills. I was so frightened that I'd never see my Mother again I truly think I was emotionally scared for most of my life. I was always terrified I'd never be able to find her. When I moved into this house, after she died, and going through old papers, I found a memographed sheet of instructions from the school detailing this was a real possibility and that the school would take care of us. There was no monster under my bed, it was sitting in Moscow, preparing to wipe America off the face of the earth.

10. I love the music from "Soring Over California" - the ride at Disneyland. Love the ride, love the music.

11. I enjoy this time of the year, it's very cool to cold at night, but days are in the 60's.

12. I would like to visit Scotland one more time, London too.

13. I've enjoyed how the world has changed to much with the internet. The Elephant's Child can be fed 24 hours a day.

14. If I could have a new career I would like to be a historian, esp anything to do with early California and the gold rush.

15. I regret I didn't join the Navy after college.

16. I am so blessed to have met and married my husband aka Mr. Calm

17. I don't read books as often as I use too.

18. I would love to start swimming again.

19. My husband and I once helped breakup a cock fight ring by going under cover.

20. I want to be cremated with at least a pound of uncooked bacon in my casket. I want my body to float to the next life with my favorite food.

21. Speaking of which, in my next life I want to sing like Topol and look like Antonio Banderas - well maybe a bit taller.

22. The best Sherlock Holmes ever is/was the late Jeremy Brett.

23. My favorite movie is Last Of The Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis..or maybe any of The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies with Johnny Depp.

24 My living room has two black walls, decorates with everything collectible about Pirates we already owned or could build. And lots of fake coins and jewelry. Even a snake hanging from a branch in the ceiling. All we are missing is Tia Dalma.

25. I practice being calm every day.