Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today we have Launch!

This past week we received a Huge sample of The World's Best Cat Litter...and what a surprise...a really nice scooper is in the box! We hadn't opened the shipping container until we were ready for Launch! which is today. Saturday is 'scrub the box in the bathroom' day (the poor old shower off our bedroom is devoted solely to housing a huge litter box). Said box is scrubbed, dried, and now filled with The World's Best Cat Litter.

However, if I don't watch him, I'm concerned my husband is taking that new scooper and using it to extract hard boiled eggs...he keeps telling me that...

It's Saturday AM 11:30...I'll update as we see what action the Crew of Space Station TikTok does with this new litter.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New! And a Coupon! And I think we'll Love It!! Cat Litter!

Have I lived so long with cats that I go gaga over a new cat litter...Yes! LOL!

Called "The World's Best Cat Litter" they are going live with a new site next week, and there will be a coupon for four dollars off the product. Here is what they are saying:

Now my pdf they sent says August 10 but I see on the landing page from the link, August 19th...but keep checking, bookmark that page! Just today I received a very generous sample and will blog about, honest and true cause I am true blue and will never stain.

Here's a screen cap of their new site: