Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can you help with wee Marty's surgery? Even a dollar goes to help pay vet bills.

Sweet little Marty had been neglected by a previous family. Was left with a severe infestation of worms that caused his anus to prolapse. He was rescued by a loving young couple attending college and was given vet care. Marty was cleaned up and his anus was stitched. It looked like all was going well, but a few days after the stitches were out poor Marty prolapsed again.
Little Marty was in the ER Thursday night (October 29) with severe anal swelling. After two trips they finally did get the swelling down so he could move his bowels. If you can, please give a $1 or two to help raise funds for the permanent surgery that can fix little Marty and give him the life he deserves.

There is a "chip in" link on his page. I clicked it and used paypal for a donation.

The rescurer's blog, about Marty.

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Rayhawk said...

Thank you so much for helping Marty!! Becky (Handipets)